The construction of collective strategies for the sustainable development of the Amazon has never been so fundamental and urgent

The Partners for the Amazon Platform (PPA) has demonstrated the importance of institutional alignments for the construction of strategic agendas for the territory.


There is not just one Amazon. They are 'Amazônias', in the plural. Fundamental for the ecosystem balance of the entire planet – one of its richest regions in socio-biodiversity – the Legal Amazon occupies 60% of Brazilian territory and has historically been suffering pressure from predatory and illegal economic activities that threaten the forest, quality of life and prosperity of its inhabitants.

In this context, the climate urgency and the advance of deforestation in the region in recent years have placed it at the center of discussions and concerns of different sectors of society. “There is a huge diversity of institutions working to benefit the region, as well as alliances between them, but the agendas and agendas are still quite disintegrated”, comments Eduardo Rocha, PPA Engagement Manager.

“For this reason, PPA considers it essential to strengthen qualified spaces for greater institutional alignment, generation of knowledge, exchange of experiences and learning – this is in our DNA, we want to multiply efforts, not overlap”, complements Eduardo.

Eduardo Rocha, Engagement Manager, at a PPA Breakfast event with partners in Manaus, AM.

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The concept of 'platform' contemplates some meanings and the PPA, which contains it in its own name, seeks, since its origin, to act comprehensively to integrate them into its positioning. This integration, which permeates internal and external multisectoral arrangements, expresses the way in which we believe it is possible, and assertive, to raise awareness and mobilize partnerships and alliances, encouraging the participation of the private sector in a transformation process, in which a multi-actor and collaborative action is possible to the sustainable development of the Brazilian Amazon.

Engagement, as PPA's strategic line of action, is to bet on people. When we articulate dialogues with different actors and sectors, we value above all the voice of those who give life to the many organizations, which for a long time have been dedicated to generating positive socio-environmental transformations, valuing the conservation of socio-biodiversity in the Amazon biome. Along with its founders, coordinators, board, consultants, thematic groups, committees, participation in networks and other ways of articulating and relating to partner institutions, the purpose of the Platform is essentially to develop the strength of the collective. 


About PPA

The Partners for the Amazon Platform (PPA) is a multisectoral collective action initiative that aims to develop and identify innovative and tangible solutions for the sustainable development and conservation of biodiversity, forests and natural resources in the Brazilian Amazon. Created at the end of 2017, the PPA seeks to leverage investments with a positive socio-environmental impact in the Brazilian Amazon, share good practices and foster innovative partnerships that integrate all sectors of society.