According to the report that evaluated the last edition of the program, 100% of the participants consider that the positive impact generated by the business was amplified by participating in the Accelerator 100+


Demoday Accelerator 100+ | March 2022

Accelerator 100+ has just announced the 20 businesses selected for the 4th edition of the open innovation program, created by Ambev and aimed at developing sustainable and innovative solutions. Startups now go to the stage of Intensive Learning, an eight-week process in which entrepreneurs will attend workshops on topics relevant to business development and refinement of their pilot proposals. This stage includes the execution of Quintessa, a pioneering impact accelerator in the country, and the presence of the Parceiros pela Amazônia (PPA) Platform, co-organizer of the initiative, and other partners and supporters - PepsiCo, Valgroup, Machado Meyer and Ball Corporation.

After this phase, there will be a new selection, in which the businesses that advance to the pilot implementation stage will be defined and that will be presented at the Accelerator's Demoday, scheduled to be held in early 2023. The objective of the program is to find innovative ideas , that help the company and partners advance their sustainability commitments for 2025 on the fronts of climate change, sustainable agriculture, circular packaging, water management and the Amazon.

“At Ambev, we remain committed to promoting shared growth actions so that our entire ecosystem has the opportunity to develop based on solutions that really contribute to the promotion of a better future. The Accelerator 100+ is the representation of our objective, which in addition to expanding the horizons of startups that have so much potential, also helps us achieve our goals and commitments. Not to mention the possibility of participating in the sequel to the Global 100+ Accelerator, which is the international version of the program.”, says Lisa Lieberbaum, Sustainability Manager at Ambev. 

The final report that evaluated aspects of the last edition of the program revealed that 100% of the participating entrepreneurs understand that the positive impact generated by the business was amplified after participating in the Accelerator 100+. The study also showed that startups are unanimously willing to continue their partnership with Ambev and PPA.

“In this second year of the partnership, we had an even more refined process of selecting initiatives. We ended the first selection stage very satisfied with this year's class, which has as a differential the entry of several ventures led by Amazonians and a third of the group formed by cooperatives of various sizes, in addition to initiatives aimed at solutions in technology and tourism. We hope that this diversity of solutions that complement each other to the challenge of conservation of sociobiodiversity will strengthen the exchange of experiences and foster new partnerships between businesses and with other partners in our network”, comments Juliana Simionato, Project Coordinator at PPA.

“The 100+ Accelerator is a great example of how we can create win-win initiatives. Entrepreneurs receive technical support, invoice, implement their solutions, generate a positive impact, and have the possibility to grow together with great partners. Ambev finds new solutions to meet its sustainability goals. The PPA finds new organizations that make its purpose tangible. We put our mission into practice, generating tangible results for the solution of relevant socio-environmental challenges in our country. Furthermore, the ecosystem benefits from more mature impact businesses after the program,” says Anna de Souza Aranha, partner and director of Quintessa.


Startups Selected to participate in the acceleration stage:

O2ecoO2Eco performs water and effluent treatment without chemical use or exotic bacteria, through a paraffin plate with minerals that activate the natural biostimulation process and the bacteria that are already in the water body to consume the organic matter.
LiaMarinhaLiaMarinha develops and applies ecological and sustainable technologies to improve water quality.
hatchECCLO works in the area of sanitation and multifunctional landscaping, developing nature-based solutions through gardens for the treatment of sanitary sewage, industrial effluent, ETE sludge, diffuse pollution of rainwater and contaminated water bodies, generating water for reuse.
barkusBarkus is an edtech that democratizes access to financial education for young people and adults through a humanized bot that acts as a pocket financial educator via Whatsapp.
Already understoodJá Compre offers exclusive technology and its own didactic methodology for professional training of operational workers or those with low schooling.
MEI ShopThe MEI Shop contributes to the economic growth of the country, empowering small entrepreneurs to succeed in their trajectory with conscience and autonomy.
DioxdDioxd offers a CO2 seed treatment service to increase productivity, extracting the greatest genetic potential from the seeds.
auravantAuravant is a digital tool that allows you to analyze all agronomic information on the farm in order to achieve the most effective and sustainable performance in a simpler way.
biotechlandBiotecland is an agrobiotechnology startup specializing in microalgae for sustainable agriculture.
AgtraceAgTrace is an agricultural product quality management and traceability company that aims to increase transparency and efficiency in the food supply chain.
iWrciWrc is a startup whose purpose is to connect recycling cooperatives directly to large companies.
BioBeadsBioBeads offers a platform of sustainable and biodegradable polymers, based on Brazilian technology.
amachainsAmachains organizes information on production chains with a focus on sustainable development, SDGs and ESG.
UrucunaUrucuna seeks to promote reconnection with nature through Scents for Home and the appreciation of Arts of the Peoples.
AMZ ProjectsAMZ is an experience producer specializing in the Amazon through travel.
Olawatawa Medicinal Plant CenterThe Olawatawa Medicinal Plants Center was created in 2015 with the aim of strengthening traditional knowledge. Through ethnotourism, we can generate income for our community, invest in the health of our people and strengthen our culture.
cooperatorCoopaiter is an Indigenous Cooperative in the Amazon region, with 210 cooperative families and 1000 assisted indigenous people, producing and selling Brazil nuts and coffee.
Cooper RecaCooper Reca is an association of Small Agroforestry Growers of the Consortium and Dense Economic Reforestation Project (RECA) founded in 1989, it has 250 associated families and organized into 10 producer groups.
BlockCBlockC is a SaaS platform that manages the carbon footprint of its customers and their value chains.
Atmos EnergyAtmos is a platform with smart energy meters and cloud processing to reduce energy waste in companies.


About the Accelerator 100+

The Accelerator 100+ program was launched in 2018, in line with Ambev's global initiative and its sustainability commitments for 2025. Since then, more than 60 startups have been accelerated and R1TP3Q15 million have been invested in partner businesses.

In 2021, Plataforma Parceiros pela Amazônia (PPA) and Quintessa joined this journey, and now, PepsiCo, Valgroup, Ball Corporation and Machado Meyer have arrived to integrate the fourth edition and expand the scalability of the projects presented. 

In the path of taking on commitments that generate more and more incentives and positive results recently, Ambev announced that all senior leadership has variable compensation linked to ESG goals. All initiatives related to the sustainable economy, value creation for micro and small entrepreneurs, social impact projects, diversity and inclusion, as well as governance are considered.