ASSOAB receives unprecedented certification and will be able to export Brazil nuts

The Beru Farmers Associationri (ASSOAB), an organization of the portfolio NESsT Amazônia – Incubadora da Floresta, became the first community entity for the processing of Brazil nuts to receive the General Classification Registry, an important license from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA). ) focused on products of plant origin.  

With the certification, ASSOAB will be able tocarry the nuts collected by its members. “This was a huge achievement for us as a community-based association. It was the result of three years of hard work, with many people involved. The certification generates the possibility of seeking more markets, including abroad, bringing benefits to our extractivists”, celebrates Sandra Amud, ASSOAB's first female president.

ASSOAB manages one of the largest nut processing agro-industries, located in Beruri, Amazonas. The association's technical assistance work for nut extractors guarantees sustainability to the activity, promoting social and economic equality among its members, respect for traditional values and forest conservation. 

Today, the association acquires the chestnut in nature, at fair prices, from 126 families from the Itixi Mitari Indigenous Land and the Piagaçu-Purus Sustainable Development Reserve. It also formally employs more than 60 people, among which 40% are women. The export of the nut should increase the association's sales and the generation of more sustainable income for extractive communities.

 “The CGC is a very difficult license to obtain due to the high suitability requirements established by the Ministry of Agriculture. In Amazonas, we have five agro-industries of this type, and ASSOAB is the first community-based company to receive certification. It is a huge achievement for the communities that live off the nut”, comments Lilia Marina Assunção, NESsT portfolio manager.   

NESsT Amazon Partnership

ASSOAB was the second organization to join the NESsT Amazônia portfolio, a strategic partnership with USAID, Plataforma Parceiros pela Amazônia (PPA), Erol, Cisco Foundation and CLUA. NESsT's investment will equip the association to diversify its product lines and reach new markets. To enhance ASSOAB's conservation efforts, which protect nearly 1.2 million hectares of native forests, NESsT will help the association improve its impact monitoring and tracking process. 

In 2022, in partnership with Natura, NESsT will also support the construction of the second phase of the agroindustry, including its expansion and purchase of equipment for the production of nut oil.

“ASSOAB's certification is an important step towards expanding its markets and customers and, thus, seeking better prices for Brazil nuts, strengthening the income of extractive workers in Baixo Purus.”, says Marcelo Cwerner, NESsT portfolio manager.