Free Market Campaign promoted the sale of sustainable products originating in the Amazon

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In its second edition, the Da Amazonia for you campaign, an initiative of the Mercado Livre portal and institutions for the defense of the Amazon forest and the local economy. The objective is to promote sustainable enterprises in the region with the online trade of food, beverages, handicrafts, cosmetics and fashion produced by indigenous, riverine and quilombola populations or with products supplied by them.

Between the 3rd and the 12th, a period that includes the Amazon Day, celebrated on September 5th, around 30 entrepreneurs offered, through the online platform, more than 300 products made with raw material from the region, coming from fruits, seeds, trees, resins and other local products, all produced, harvested and processed without negatively impacting the environment. Last year there were 16 participants.

The organizers argue that the purchase of sustainable products contributes to income generation and forest conservation, especially at a time when fires are still on the rise, despite the efforts of national and international organizations and entities for the preservation of the biome.

“In addition to visibility, our actions involve training and support for enterprises, combining the knowledge of the forest – which generate wealth and environmental protection – with the knowledge of the Free Market in marketing, logistics and financial inclusion”, says Laura Motta, sustainability manager of the Free Market. "With the growth of e-commerce, we want to further expand access to Brazilian socio-biodiversity products."

Mercado Livre already has a special seal on its platform with products from the Amazon, but during the campaign period there is greater prominence, including activities with influencers. Last year, for example, Bela Gil participated in a webinar teaching recipes with ingredients from the region.

The platform is the largest marketplace in Latin America, with 75.9 million active users and more than 12 million sellers, including major brands. According to data from the Free Market, from April 2020 to March this year, more than 7 million sustainable products (not only from the Amazon) were sold in Latin America, purchased by 3 million users, of which 1.6 million (52%) were consumers Brazilians.

Income generation in the Amazon

The campaign has the support of several organizations such as AMAZ, an impact accelerator coordinated by the Institute for Conservation and Sustainable Development of the Amazon (Idesam), Climate Ventures, Partners for the Amazon Platform (PPA), Conexsus, Instituto Auá, Central do Cerrado and Centro de Amazon Entrepreneurship.

“By including more and more ventures in the new economy, we are helping to generate income so that communities can survive and develop from other activities that do not generate deforestation. By valuing work and local cultures, we help keep the forest standing, breaking a predatory pattern that was also driven by the distance from consumers in the rest of the country”, says Floriana Breyer, from Climate Ventures.

Among the participants in this year's campaign are Da Tribu, Instituto Ouro Verde, Manioca, Peabiru, Tucum, Café Apuí Agroflorestal, Jambuzera and Soul Brasil. They offer various products such as tucupi sauce, purple yam flour, jambu and Victoria Regia jam, Puxuri seed, various types of cosmetics and indigenous handicrafts such as baskets, vases, necklaces and bracelets.