AMAZ call selects Amazonian businesses for acceleration and investments of up to R$ 600 thousand

Businesses that generate a positive impact for the Amazon, helping to keep the forest standing and at the same time generating income for the region's populations, are on AMAZ's impact accelerator radar.

Starting next Monday (4/4), Amazon entrepreneurs will be able to apply for the 2022 Business Call, which aims to find innovative startups and businesses to be accelerated and receive investment of up to R$ 600 thousand. Registration and the complete regulation can be accessed at The initiative has the support of partners, including the Vale Fund.

AMAZ seeks businesses that generate a positive impact in the rural and forest regions of the Amazon, have a product or service that has already been tested in the market and operate or plan to operate in the region. Applications can be made from April 4th to May 2nd.

Startups, community-based businesses, organizations and companies that are developing businesses that generate solutions to the main social and environmental problems of the Amazon can apply. Initiatives that seek to conserve or recover forest areas, value knowledge and biodiversity, generate income and quality of life for rural and riverside communities.

Sustainable businesses are expected in the food, beauty and cosmetics sectors; biotechnology; sociobiodiversity products; sustainable agriculture and livestock; sustainable forest management and production; ecotourism and/or community-based tourism; craftsmanship; fashion; transport, logistics and communication; financial services; trading platforms and market access; impact education and entrepreneurship; mitigation and adaptation to climate change; environmental services and carbon markets, among others.

The impact accelerator AMAZ is coordinated by Idesam (Institute for Conservation and Sustainable Development of the Amazon). Its founders and strategic partners include Fundo Vale, Instituto humanize, ICS (Instituto Clima e Sociedade), Good Energies Foundation, JBS Fund for the Amazon and PPA (Platform Partners for the Amazon). It also has a wide network of partners such as Move.Social, Sense-Lab, Mercado Livre, ICE, Costa Brasil, Climate Ventures and private investors.

Check out the benefits offered by AMAZ for selected businesses:
● Initial investment of up to R$200 thousand and possibility of a new investment of up to R$ 400 thousand at the end of the acceleration process (6 months)
● Impact thesis development and business modeling
● Mentoring and monitoring program
● Legal and accounting advice specialized in impact businesses
● Communication and marketing consultancy
● Knowledge and management support with follow-up
● Scholarship and Small Support Program
● Access to AMAZ's network of investors and partners
● Amazon at Home Program (