PPA Council validates Platform Acceleration Thesis

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Last Tuesday, June 22, the first meeting of 2021 of the Deliberative Council of the Parceiros pela Amazônia (PPA) Deliberative Council took place. On the occasion, the board members of the member companies validated the Platform Acceleration Thesis, which is being constructed to identify PPA's possibilities of action for different types and stages of social and environmental projects operating with and in the Amazon.

Leaders from the institutions were present in the discussion forum. Alcoa, Ambev, Flat, Beraca, BH26, Cargill, the Vale Fund., the Humanize Institute and Hydro, in addition to the PPA facilitating organizations, USAID Brazil and Bioversity/CIAT Alliance.

The opening of the meeting was in charge of Ted Gehr, Director of USAID Brazil, institutional partner and main funder of the initiative. In his speech, Ted Gehr recognized the consolidation of the Executive Secretariat team as a milestone for the development and structuring of the Platform and highlighted the PPA Solidarity fund as a relevant initiative to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 in the Amazon. He also commented on the alignment of the US government's strategies with what is being developed under the PPA for the conservation of biodiversity in the Amazon and its sustainable development. 

“Our new administration, under Joe Biden, has made it a priority to respond to COVID-19 globally. We also renewed our actions related to the environmental issue, especially in the fight against climate change, which was demonstrated by the recent climate summit. Protecting tropical forests, such as the Amazon, is essential for this, and the PPA has an important role in developing this strategy.”

Ted Gehr, Director of USAID Brazil

Augusto Corrêa, Executive Secretary of the Platform, led the meeting and presented the main results of the projects under the PPA's supervision to the board members, highlighting the acceleration programs, the Thematic Groups and the communication actions developed by the initiative in recent months.

PPA Acceleration Thesis

The meeting also included contributions from Carolina Ochoa Koepke, of Quintess Institute, the organization responsible for designing the PPA Acceleration Thesis. In her speech, Carolina presented details about the thesis construction process, carried out from an extensive survey, with contributions from more than 40 actors in the network and 3 open consultations.

Afterwards, a broad discussion was held, in which councilors were able to comment on the results presented, as well as indicate possibilities for synergy with the objectives and impact strategies of their own institutions. 

PPA appreciates the contributions of all companies participating in the Board and continues to work to accommodate the different desires and needs of its members. The Acceleration Thesis is in the process of being consolidated and will be disclosed on PPA's official channels over the next few months.