PPA Deliberative Council reflects on results and paths for the Amazon

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On December 9, the PPA Deliberative Council met for the last time in the year to discuss the 2020 results and the 2021 guidelines. The virtual meeting was attended by the advisers of member companies and PPA facilitating organizations such as USAID and Bioversity / CIAT Alliance.

Augusto Corrêa, Executive Secretary of PPA, highlighted some of the achievements of the year, mainly the response to the pandemic of COVID-19 that PPA projects organized, such as PPA Solidarity. The counselors also pointed out the advances in thematic groups, such as the development of the acceleration program, the project lines of the Markets group and others.

The Executive Secretariat also presented proposals to the Council on the guidelines for 2021, such as the implementation of a new membership policy (which is being validated internally) and expansion of the PPA's activities.

Importance of Impact Investment in the Amazon

The meeting also featured a brief lecture by Carina Pimenta, from Conexus, on the difficulties of impact investing and financing sustainable businesses in the Amazon. These businesses often have no structure or are able to access public lines of credit, aimed at agribusiness, or private banks, which are often not willing to take on the risks and complexities of the Amazon.

“In the Amazon, the introduction of impact finance systems is essential. It will be very unlikely to resolve certain issues without this. This end of the equation is still missing, but the main question is how to build these models of organizations, ”explained Carina.

The director Denis Minev, from Bemol, agreed: "You are with a special focus on the value chains that few have in the Amazon".

The board members also reinforced the importance of including the financial system in sustainability discussions and also of the need to integrate different lines of action - business training, arrangements between different organizations and parts of the chain so that they work in concert.

The PPA priorities for 2021 are aligned with these challenges. In the coming year, the Platform will seek to support the strengthening of impact businesses in the Amazon at different levels of maturity, expanding its operations.