With an eye on innovations with a social and environmental impact, Ambev selects startups in a new round of the Aceleradora 100+ program

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The Ambev 100+ Accelerator reaches its third edition to boost impact startups that, with innovative projects, offer solutions to the main sustainability challenges of today and in the coming years. In this edition, the Partners for the Amazon Platform (PPA) and Quintessa join the program, generating a perfect synergy to foster solutions with real potential to change the world.

Pre-registration will be open from July 1st through the link https://aceleradora.ambev.com.br/ . And the applications for the program can be made from July 5th to July 23rd by startups that are at the moment of going to market, that is, they have already initially tested their solution and now want to boost their sales. The selected businesses will undergo a month of intensive learning, in which they will have contact with Ambev executives, expert mentors and investment funds, and will receive individual support to present a proposal for pilot projects for Ambev and partners. The most qualified proposals will be hired and the entrepreneurs will be monitored by managers for the implementation of the pilots. 

“Current environmental challenges require innovative and out-of-the-box solutions, which is why the Aceleradora 100+ appears as an opportunity for us to find these new ideas and develop partnerships that will boost business and help the environment”, says Rodrigo Figueiredo, vice president of Ambev's Sustainability and Supplies. “In addition, the pandemic has reinforced the need for shared growth, for working together with the ecosystem. This is the main objective of this edition of Aceleradora 100+: to prove that together we can create and develop actions that have a real impact on society”, concludes Rodrigo.

From the perspective of Augusto Corrêa, Executive Secretary of PPA, “bringing a global scale program with a specific focus on the Amazon is something very significant and impactful. In the Partners for the Amazon Platform, we have been working hard to strengthen impact businesses that value the conservation of biodiversity and the quality of life of communities in the region”, he commented.

Also part of the team of partners for this year, the director of Quintessa, Anna de Souza Aranha, says “The Aceleradora 100+ is an exemplary open innovation program for uniting the company's progress in its sustainability goals with a great value proposition to entrepreneurs, supporting their development and implementing their solutions with a positive social and environmental impact at the cutting edge”. 

Global environmental challenges

Ambev defined, in 2018, very ambitious sustainability goals and the 100+ Accelerator enables the connection with innovative startups that are working towards solving these common goals.

The acceleration program is part of a global initiative by Ambev and has institutional support from the Global Compact of the United Nations (UN), setting out the guidelines and challenges that are always in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In this third edition, the company seeks solutions to six challenges. Are they:  

  • Water management: Water monitoring and analysis; conservation and management of watersheds; and/or treatment and reduction of water consumption in manufacturing and supply chainSustainable agriculture: Training, engagement and support for producers and farmers; crop quality and productivity; and/or other agriculture-related innovations
  • Climate Change: Energy Consumption and Monitoring; alternative and renewable solutions for the energy sector; reduction, capture and removal of CO2 emissions; financial and management analysis for climate change; and/or Green Logistics
  • Circular packaging: Recycling, reuse and return; alternative materials and innovations for packaging; and/or traceability and reverse packaging logistics
  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Valorization of products generated in the beer production process; traceability of the production/responsible supply chain; incentive to local/regional production chains; and/or diversity and inclusion in the production chain
  • Conservation of biodiversity in the Amazon: Bioeconomy; regenerative/restorative systems; and/or sustainable supply chains.

Previous editions

Important projects were promoted in the first two editions of Aceleradora 100+, held in 2018 and 2019, reinforcing the program's objective, which is to encourage entrepreneurship and the development of small and medium businesses, connecting disruptive ideas to the company's sustainability pillars. During the entire journey of the program, the Ambev team identifies opportunities for participating startups, establishing partnerships that can even result in the closing of contracts.

As an example, the partnership with ManejeBem, a startup founded by three women and winner of the first edition of Aceleradora 100+, facilitates agricultural technical assistance and carries out the structuring of rural production systems. Through the platform created with Ambev, it is possible to capture data from the field, favoring the planning of actions and monitoring of impacts related to sustainability.

With the startup FNM SA, a partnership was signed for the production of one thousand electric vehicles. Together with Agrale, the only Brazilian vehicle factory in operation today, the startup is developing the 18-ton FNM 833 truck, especially to meet Ambev's logistics needs.

About Ambev

Bringing people together for a better world. This is the dream of Ambev, a Brazilian company, headquartered in São Paulo, and present in 18 countries. In Brazil, we are more than 32 thousand people who share the same passion for producing beer and we work together to guarantee moments of celebration and fun. Ambev is innovative and has the consumer at the center of decisions and initiatives. The company's portfolio includes beers, soft drinks, teas, sports drinks, energy drinks and juices, from recognized brands such as Skol, Brahma, Antarctica, Budweiser, Stella Artois, Wäls, Colorado, Guaraná Antarctica, Fusion, do bem and AMA, mineral water which allocates 100% of its profits to projects that provide access to clean water to families in the Brazilian semiarid region. The company's sustainability commitments include clear goals, publicly disclosed, translating into five pillars: water, agriculture, climate change, circular economy and entrepreneurial ecosystem. This work is done with a network of partners, as Ambev believes that building a better world becomes richer when done together.

About PPA

The Partners for the Amazon Platform (PPA) is a collective action platform for the private sector to foster new models of sustainable development in the Amazon. Its objective is to develop and identify tangible and innovative solutions for the conservation of biodiversity and natural resources in the Amazon, as well as guaranteeing the quality of life of the communities in the region. It operates through four Thematic Groups (Entrepreneurship, Bioeconomics, Markets and Territories), leveraging social and environmental investments, fostering the development of transformative partnerships, sharing best practices and creating a collaborative environment for the development of joint solutions to Amazonian challenges.

About Quintessa

Quintessa exists for companies to be relevant in solving our country's central social and environmental challenges. Founded in 2009, it drives growth, structures management and attracts investment for high-impact businesses. Quintessa works directly with entrepreneurs and their teams, through customized programs for each business, and also in partnership with large companies, institutes, foundations and investors who wish to approach and relate to businesses with impact. Over more than ten years of experience, Quintessa has identified and supported more than 100 outstanding impact businesses in areas such as education, health, environment, sustainable cities and inclusion. www.quintessa.org.br