From Acre to Rio de Janeiro: a solution created by a startup brings access to drinking water to communities

Practical, comfortable and safe. This is the kit that brings hope and quality of life to Brazilians who need to travel the country's rivers, hills and alleys to have access to water. Now, in partnership with Ambev, the startup Água Camelo, responsible for the innovation that filters and stores up to 15 liters of drinking water, wants more families in situations of social vulnerability to have access to treated water.

The solution was selected for the second stage of the Acceleradora 100+ program and is receiving investments from Ambev for the execution of the pilot. The project will be carried out together with AMA water, the company's social product created in 2017 to guarantee quality water to Brazilians who suffer from a lack of this resource.

Pilot project

Morro da Providência (RJ) and Aldeia Mutum (AC), locations with cultural, social and structural differences, will host the initiative's pilot project. According to Rodrigo Belli, one of the founders of the startup, these places were chosen to show that in extreme situations it is possible to carry out the project and take the backpack with quality water to people.

At this stage, the Água Camelo team will also have the opportunity to analyze the distribution methodology and follow-up on the use of kits. All works will be closely monitored by mentors from Ambev, Quintessa and PPA.

More than clean water

In addition to being a source of safe water for the homes of beneficiaries, the project generates quality of life and other indirect benefits in people's lives.

“We are working with filtered water for human consumption and we understand that it is an emergency product, which generates a direct and effective impact by being available in people's homes. But we also analyze the improvements that this water causes in the health of these communities. We know that access to a safe source of treated water brings other benefits to life. Children who consume this water have fewer health problems, such as diarrhea, which is reflected in health centers, in the impossibility of going to school, in the parents' work routine”, highlights Daniel Ilg, founder of Água Camelo.

The Camel Kit can retain up to 99.9% of all bacteria, protozoa and particles present in the water, thus preventing various types of contamination and diseases.

About the Accelerator 100+ program

Since 2018, the Acceleradora 100+ program has sought disruptive solutions to today's main socio-environmental issues. In this 3rd edition, in partnership with the Plataforma Parceiros pela Amazônia (PPA) and Quintessa, an impact accelerator, the challenges are focused on six pillars: water management, sustainable agriculture, climate change, circular packaging, entrepreneurial ecosystem and biodiversity conservation in Amazon.

More than 50 startups have been accelerated and R$13 million invested in partner businesses to date. The acceleration program is part of a global initiative by Ambev and has the support of the United Nations Global Compact, in line with its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).