AGM Fund Notice: Project evaluation phase is extended

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Launched in May this year, the first AGM Fund Notice, initiative of Guaraná of Maués Alliance (AGM), had its project evaluation phase extended. Six proposals designed in the municipality will be selected and subsequently announced.

“We received a significant number of projects, 31 were presented. And this number, just as it surprised us positively, delayed the evaluation process by the Evaluation Committee, which is composed of Ambev and Parceiros pela Amazônia/USAID”, comments Silvana Macedo, coordinator of the Conservation and Sustainable Development Institute at Amazon (Idesam) in Maués

Also according to the coordinator, it is also important to remember that some projects will have to undergo adjustments by the proponents. “As the AGM Fund is a first experience, it is natural that the creators of these projects may have had some difficulties in putting their ideas on paper. And, on the side of the Evaluation Committee, some proposals may not have met the expected objectives”, he adds.


The first AGM Fund Public Notice gathered 31 applicants, with 29 classified for the next phase. There was a predominance of the urban area of Maués, with 19 approved projects submitted. In rural areas, there were ten, distributed among the communities Ilha de Vera Cruz (5), Menino Deus (2), Ilha Michiles (1), Nossa Senhora de Fátima (1) and São Raimundo do Mutuca (1).

Regarding the theme, of the 19 projects classified in the urban area, 15 were dedicated to the theme of education and culture and three to the conservation of the environment. Sustainable production, organization of production and transversal — sustainable production combined with environmental conservation — had one each. In the rural area, the balance was greater, with four projects focused on sustainable production, three on production organization and three on education and culture.

the notice

In all, six projects will be covered by the notice, each with a maximum value of R$ 5,000. The initiatives proposed by the chosen ones should be carried out in the second half of 2021, as the rendering of accounts must be presented this year.

About the Alliance

Since 2017, a partnership between Ambev, USAID, CIAT, Partners for the Amazon Platform (PPA) and IDESAM has consolidated the work of the Guaraná de Maués Alliance (AGM), which was born as a proposal by Ambev to constitute a collective of people, organizations and public authorities of the municipality with the objective of making “Maués of dreams” come true. AGM carries out concrete actions through its Working Groups (WG) in the areas of Education, Sustainable Production, Tourism and Sociocultural Production.

The initiative seeks not only the cultural appreciation of the region but also the improvement in the quality of life of the Mauesense population, interacting and building together with the various local actors. The goals of each WG also include improvements for rural producers and the implementation of sustainable production methods. In the cultural area, where it has an active presence, AGM works to strengthen traditional cultural groups such as gambazeiros (traditional musical rhythm), midwives and artisans. Learn more about this initiative at