Closing of the Mosaico Diverso campaign discusses the importance of science and the private sector for the bioeconomy and conservation of the Amazon

Last Wednesday (09), the Partners for the Amazon Platform (PPA) and the companies Suzano and Valley jointly held an event to celebrate Environment Week and the end of the campaign Various Mosaic. On the occasion, actors from the Amazon impact ecosystem met to discuss this very relevant biome, and its intrinsic opportunities and risks for the country's sustainable development. The meeting promoted a reflection on how Science, as a guideline present between companies and civil society, can leverage Bioeconomy in the Amazon. 

The event opened with a lecture given by Carlos Nobre on the concept of Amazon 4.0 and its importance for the conservation of Amazonian socio-biodiversity. In his speech, the Brazilian scientist emphasized the role of companies, institutes and foundations in this mission.

“We have to ask ourselves what is the great potential that the standing forest has. PPA and companies have been very adept at creating ecosystems with innovation, sustainability, innovation and sustainable systems. These are the pillars that we need to apply and develop in the Amazon.”

Carlos Nobre, Brazilian scientist.

A virtual art exhibition was also held, curated by initiatives and cultural competitions held by companies Suzano and Vale. Then, the Executive Secretary of PPA, Augusto Corrêa, mediated a panel that counted the participations of Giordano Bruno Barbosa Automare (Suzano Social Development Manager) and Patricia Daros (Director of Operations at Fundo Vale). 

On the occasion, company spokespersons talked about cases related to the conservation of Amazonian socio-biodiversity and good practices for the valorization of the Forest, which they have helped to implement in their institutions.

“We have the challenge of a systemic and inclusive vision. We need to build the capacity of organizations to look at the contradictions within themselves, understanding how their businesses relate to the territory and society, based on the premise of effective participation and the participation of different actors. We do not want to reproduce in bioeconomy the dilemmas of other models.”

Giordano Automare, Suzano's Social Development Manager.

“We want to understand how to give access to more sustainable production models so that they can scale into business. (…) When we put our patient capital at the service of these businesses, we absolutely attract other capital and we have leverage from a financial point of view, which leads to scale and greater impact.” 

Patricia Daros, Director of Operations at Fundo Vale.

There were more than 100 simultaneous participants in the live, which already has more than 300 views and can be watched in full below:

It is possible to follow the other thematic lives of the “Campo em Debate” frame, held within the scope of Mosaico Diverso, on the campaign's official website: