Specialist in Management, Monitoring and Evaluation of Social and Environmental Projects

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The Partners for the Amazon Platform (PPA) is a collective action platform, led by the private sector, which seeks to build innovative solutions for the development of a sustainable economy and for the conservation of biodiversity, forests and natural resources in the Amazon, as well as as socioeconomic improvement and the quality of life of rural and traditional populations.

PPA is looking for a professional to join the team of its Executive Secretary.

The professional is responsible for leading the project management and monitoring and evaluation methodologies of the PPA, based on the articulation with the various implementing partners of the socio-environmental projects and programs supported and financed by the PPA.

PPA's projects (or Development Partnerships) aim to create sustainable solutions to the environmental, social and economic issues in the Amazon. For this, it is critical to have a control process, which determines whether these solutions achieve the objectives for which they were created and to account for the use of the resources used in the projects. Transparency in the use of resources and in reporting the results obtained is essential to demonstrate the quality and suitability of the interventions and to allow society to learn, based on reliable data.

In this sense, the professional has a duty to ensure the planning and monitoring of activities, approval of reports, consolidation of information, supervision of impact indicators, in addition to other related activities. It should also support the construction of new projects with partners. Furthermore, it has a strong role in the relationship with the project's co-investors.

The professional will report directly to the PPA Executive Secretary.

Main roles and responsibilities

  • Lead project management and the implementation of robust monitoring and evaluation approaches that are collaborative, long-term, practical and cost-effective in order to generate evidence and learn about best practices to promote solutions conducted by the private sector ( PPA projects, with an impact on biodiversity conservation, sustainable development and promotion of communities' livelihoods).
  • Ensure the correct implementation of the methodologies for the preparation and development, monitoring and evaluation of PPA projects, admitting independence, integrity and quality of the evaluations and monitoring approaches used. Furthermore, it must share results through a strategic communication process, with the aim of providing an evidence base for the PPA network;
  • Manage projects, plan their execution with the implementing partners and monitor the established scope and the progress of activities, in order to guarantee the fulfillment of established goals, deadlines and costs;
  • Identify risks to study ways to mitigate impacts and correct actions;
  • Enable the collection, systematization, analysis and consolidation of information about project impact indicators;
  • Receive, evaluate and approve the accountability reports for projects and programs;
  • Continuously report on the development of projects and programs for their respective co-financiers, organizing accountability meetings;
  • Contribute information to PPA's periodic impact reports to its partners.

Knowledge and experience

  • Formation: Complete Higher Education in careers related to the Environment, with emphasis on the areas of Monitoring and Evaluation, Project Management, Strategy and Management. It will be a differential to have a Postgraduate or Master in careers related to the Environment.
  • Experience: 08 years in project management. It will be a differential to have experience in projects carried out in the Brazilian Amazon.
  • Skills and Knowledge: Strategic planning, project management, socio-environmental processes and indicators.
  • Languages: Fluent English      
  • Work schedule: Availability during business hours, with flexibility for home office to match.
  • Contracting regime: Legal Entity / International Consulting.
  • Remuneration: Compatible with the market.

Interested parties should send a resume and motivation letter to recruitment@ppa.org.br with the subject: “Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist - First name, last name” of the interested party.

Deadline for sending resumes: 11/13/2020

* PPA reserves the right to confirm or not the performance of these contracts, according to its need or convenience.