Online event promoted by PPA deals with the açaí market and the sustainable bias of its production

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Last Wednesday, June 2nd, the Parceiros pela Amazônia (PPA) platform held another live of the “Campo em Debate” campaign, from the campaign Various Mosaic, and this time it dealt with the açaí production chain.

Denyse Mello, Project Manager at PPA and mediator of the meeting, received the guests Maurício Navega (Operational Director of Sambazon) and Raimundo Brito (President of the Fruit Growers Cooperative of Abaetetuba – Cofruta). During the event, participants talked about the açaí market and its international marketing, in addition to the connection with communities and the sustainable production bias.

In his speech, Maurício presented the work developed by Sambazon, an international company operating in the Amazon, and its relationship with cooperatives – including Cofruta – and communities. He also spoke about the challenges arising from the chain's growth and its importance for the conservation of socio-biodiversity. “Since its birth, Sambazon has tried to reconcile industrial production with respect for the environment and partnership with people in the countryside, in order to try to bring the return of what is produced to them”, he commented.

Raimundo Brito talked about Cofruta as a pioneer in the marketing of açaí and in the diversification and transformation of food into pulp. In his presentation, he also spoke about the evolution of the cooperative and the management challenges faced in this process. “This approach between companies and cooperatives is important. In this way, they are able to understand how the entire chain runs, have a differentiated product on the market and respond to the basic needs of cooperative members or farmers,” he said.

Are you curious? To watch the full live, go below:

Observation: Due to connectivity problems, Raimundo Brito could not fully participate in the live. We forwarded the questions directed to him in the chat and, soon, his answers will be available on this link.

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