Thematic Market Group holds workshops to set priorities for 2021

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Representatives of member companies held a series of meetings between October and December to refine proposals for five lines of action for 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic did not allow the PPA thematic groups to meet in person, as was done in 2019. However, this did not prevent the Mercados group from continuing to advance in new proposals for sustainable development in the Amazon.

In June, with coordination by the Peabiru Institute, interviews and surveys were conducted with members to define possible strategic lines of action, and what projects the working group could address. From this consultation, five lines of action were defined that could be followed: training of cooperatives, strengthening of local purchases, development of a marketplace, support for the creation of an “Amazon Brand” and creation of a certification.

“The group generated very interesting and necessary ideas for the development of the Amazon. We are in the process of identifying synergies so that possible projects can be integrated and not duplicated. The intention is that after defining the projects, the interested companies will co-finance the initiatives together with the PPA ”, explained Augusto Corrêa, PPA's executive secretary.

The companies that showed interest in each line of action then began to meet in smaller groups, with virtual meetings mediated by SenseLab, to refine each approach and begin to define possible projects for 2021. In December, the general meeting of the thematic group of Markets, in which the initial routing of each line will be addressed in addition to possible synergies, and project development will continue in January.