PPA's Markets Thematic Group promotes an event to address the issues of diversity, inclusion and access to markets in the Amazon ecosystem impact

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Last Wednesday (15th), as part of the celebrations related to the Amazon Day (September 5th), the PPA WG Mercados organized the first open event of the Platform's “Dialogues in Network” series. The meeting had as its main objective to debate ways on how the agendas of diversity, inclusion and access to markets in the Amazon can complement each other, as vectors of development in the region. 

In addition, the activity aimed to highlight good examples and innovative practices of community organizations in the Amazon, regarding the supply of products and services to the market. No less important, it aimed to strengthen projects and concrete opportunities that see, in the relationship with the private sector in and in the Amazon, a potential for the development of social suppliers.

To this end, they were invited Carina Pimenta (Conexsus Executive Director), marciely tupari and Fabricia Sabanê (Tecê-AGIR Managers), Josefa Neves (President of the Association of Women Producers of Fruit Pulp – AMPPF) and Raimunda Rodrigues (Manager of the Network of Canteens in Terra do Meio). The meeting was mediated by Eduardo Rocha, PPA's Engagement Manager. 

Carina Pimenta opened the event with a brief lecture, in which she outlined an overview of the context of community projects in the Amazon and presented information on the works that the connection has been developing in the region. In addition to addressing some strategies for structuring and relating to the available markets, which dialogue directly with Amazonian value chains, he stressed the importance of the role of intermediary organizations that strive to generate value for communities.  

“Social provision has an inclusive purpose, to generate income and well-being for the populations. This is the basis on which to build an ethical, fair market and the commercial relationships that are to come,” said Carina. 

The event also had a playful-illustrative moment, in which videos and photos related to the theme were exhibited, and a listening panel for all female entrepreneurs in the territory, with public interaction via the YouTube broadcast chat.

Young indigenous women Marciely and Fabrícia, from Tecê-AGIR, opened the panel and highlighted in their speeches the challenges and opportunities that exist in the rescue of indigenous culture through handicrafts. According to Fabricia, many indigenous women have no income other than handicrafts and use it to support their families. “Being able to help and give this support is a very gratifying thing”, he commented.

Raimunda Rodrigues, Manager of the Terra do Meio Canteen Network, addressed the history of constant struggles and developments by the peoples of the region. In particular, he highlighted the achievements in the quality of life of many families through the preservation and valorization of the products that come from the asset they love so much, the standing forest. Among the next steps, he highlighted the search for more secure and regular contracts with the private sector and the Network's engagement to attract new associations.   

"Consumers do not only have to think about the value of the product, but also about the way of life of each one of us, warriors, women, nut breakers, babassu coconut collectors," he said.

Are you curious? To watch the event in its entirety, access below:

Observation: Due to connectivity problems in São Félix do Xingu (PA) at the time of the meeting, Josefa Neves was unable to participate fully. PPA is committed to developing content dedicated to the experience of the Association of Women Producers of Fruit Pulp (AMPPF) and then making it available on its digital channels.