IJUS starts training health workers with support from PPA Solidariedade

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During September and October, the Sustainable Juruti Institute (IJUS) has trained more than 250 popular health agents in the Juruti region in specific protocols for COVID-19. The objective is to offer the workshop in 100% of the Basic Health Units of Juruti, contributing with quality information and fundamental materials for the prevention of Covid-19. In the first phase, the basic health units and the Mamurú Rio Region are receiving the workshop.

“It is an orientation training to prepare people so that they are agents of information in the communities. It enhances our work of delivering prevention kits. When you involve community leaders and community health workers, they also work in the surrounding communities, so we managed to branch the information out, ”explains Bárbara Espíndola, IJUS Executive Secretary.

The training workshops are aimed at community health workers, community and religious leaders in the region, and address preventive measures for COVID-19 and also what to pass on to the population. In addition, the cleaning professionals of the health units are also being trained in the cleaning of collective environments. Popular health agents receive prevention kits including newsletters, alcohol gel and masks for delivery to each family in the communities served, and health units receive professional cleaning carts and cleaning products to last a few months.

“Training was something very positive for us, because it covered what the community needed. We wanted the community to receive something minimal, which was the kit, like the mask, for the issue of prevention. Because there is no point in talking and not giving prevention, without the materials it is only halfway there, ”congratulated Kelly Goés, nurse and Coordinator of the Sister Ávila unit in the Juruti Velho region.

Adaptations for the Amazon

The training of health agents and the distribution of kits complement the prevention information campaign that is being broadcast on radio in the region, and through cars and sound boats in the most remote communities. The difference is that the language and means of transmission were adapted for the region.

“What I found most interesting was that they brought dynamics to culture right here, in the way that we live. The accessible language, the terms they used, in the very popular language. And this is very important because sometimes we bring something very technical, very scientific and we are unable to achieve what we want is to fix this information and what they put into practice ”commented Kelly.

The radio soap operas reach the populations even with a “sound wheelbarrow”, created especially for the campaign. “In some communities where not even the boat arrives, because when the river dries up, the boat is too far from the community, so we hire a sound wheelbarrow, which he pushes through the communities, which are of few families, but which guarantees that the information enough, ”explained Bárbara.

Initially, the training would be carried out in only 10 centers in the rural areas of Juruti, but the good result meant that it was also required in the city of Juruti, and will be carried out in the five basic health units and in the municipality's hospital. The impact of the communication campaign is also going beyond Juruti, as the chosen radio reaches four other municipalities.

So far the activities carried out have been:

• 272 Popular Health Agents (PHC) trained;

• 40 people skills in cleaning and disinfecting collective environments

• More than 3 thousand Kits (informative, alcohol gel and Masks) delivered;

• Generation of work and income in the production of more than 17 thousand Masks carried out by institutions and micro entrepreneurs (es) in Juruti;

• All the pole communities in Juruti affected with Workshops;

• 2 Rádio Novela episodes aired;

• 37 thousand people reached with information about covid19 by car, boat, radio and other communication vehicles serving more than 50 communities in Juruti and advanced to surrounding municipalities such as Oriximiná, Terra Santa, Óbidos and Curuá.

• 9 professional cart kits and cleaning supplies delivered to Basic Health Units;

The “Juruti Contra Covid-19” project is the result of a partnership between the Sustainable Juruti Institute (IJUS), the Amazon Partnership Platform (PPA), the US International Development Agency (USAID), the Alcoa Foundation and the Family Agriculture Cooperative of Juruti (Cooafajur).