Institute establishes international partnerships to combat the pandemic in Juruti

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Alcoa, USAID, Cooafajur and IJUS establish a solidarity alliance for Juruti.

The “Juruti Contra a Covid19” project, from the Sustainable Juruti Institute (IJUS), was selected by the PPA Solidarity initiative to receive investments from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) by NPI Expand, Alcoa Foundation, Partners for the Amazon Platform ( PPA) and Juruti Family Agriculture Cooperative (Cooafajur). This news comes in time for the commemoration of IJUS '12 years of activity, which takes place this month, representing the Institute's strong performance, establishing partnerships, for the sustainable development of the Amazon.
PPA Solidariedade is an initiative formed by a partnership between USAID, NPI Expand, Platform Partners for the Amazon (PPA) and SITAWI Finanças do Bem. Created especially to develop actions to confront Covid-19 in the Amazon, the PPA Solidariedade program has the proposal of engaging the private sector in strategic partnerships to leverage innovative and scalable solutions to strengthen rapid response to emergencies related to combating Covid-19. In Juruti, the partnership will operate through IJUS, promoting measures to address impacts on local health and the economy.

Where do the resources come from?

More than R$1.5 million will be allocated equally divided: R$790 thousand reais from USAID, through PPA Solidariedade and other R$790 thousand from the joint investment of Alcoa Foundation, IJUS and Cooafajur.

“The expectation is great, because the partnership on this platform for Amazonian development, PPA, will provide the population of Juruti with information, training, food security, hospital equipment, income generation, support for the resumption of family farming, among other activities. We are very happy and we appreciate this opportunity for IJUS to conduct this important project in partnership with USAID, Alcoa and Cooafajur to directly combat the effects of the pandemic ”, said Maria Raimunda (Deise) Melo, president of IJUS.

Patrícia Benthien, USAID-Brasil Project Manager, commented on the beginning of the joint work at this important moment: “It is a project that will be implemented in the municipality of Juruti and will mainly benefit vulnerable populations, the communities, which end up suffering the most from the effects of the pandemic”.
Patrícia also highlights her expectations for future partnerships: “We hope, for the near future, to have other good results from this partnership in Juruti”.
Alcoa has been developing consistent work with the Juruti community since the company's operations began in the municipality, developing partnerships with several local organizations.
Alcoa's general manager, Genesis Costa, reaffirms the company's performance in this pandemic moment: “Since the pandemic was confirmed, the company has organized and mobilized efforts to help the community, whether with humanitarian aid or donations to strengthen the health structure in Juruti. These actions aim to support, mainly, the population directly affected by the necessary measures to contain the spread of the new Coronavirus ”.

What will be held in Juruti?

● Acquisition of Coronavirus prevention kits (alcohol gel, newsletters and homemade cooking masks);
● Acquisition of hemodialysis equipment and expansion of 32 beds at Hospital 09 de Abril;
● Acquisition of 04 respirators for the care of Covid-19 patients at Hospital 9 de Abril and Hospital Municipal Francisco Rodrigues Barros, in Juruti.
● Informative and orientative communication work on care related to the prevention of Covid19;
● Delivery of basic food baskets to families in communities mapped in the rural and urban areas of Juruti in situations of social vulnerability and low income during the Covid pandemic19;
● Generation of work and income through the manufacture of masks of artisanal production for individual prevention;
● Delivery of kits containing information, alcohol gel and protective masks, as a factor to reduce social inequality;
● Qualification of 200 Popular Health Agents to support in facing the pandemic;
● Support for the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces in Posts and Basic Health Units in Juruti, promoting the prevention of the transmission of infectious agents;
● Mitigation of the effect of economic and financial damages suffered by family farmers, as a way to facilitate their resumption of activities.

PPA Solidarity
USAID, NPI Expand, the Partners for the Amazon Platform (PPA) and SITAWI Finanças do Bem have teamed up to create a partnership to help combat COVID-19 in Brazil. The “PPA Solidarity: Response to COVID-19 in the Amazon is an initiative that engages the private sector in strategic partnerships to leverage innovative and scalable solutions to strengthen the rapid response to emergencies and combating COVID-19. The initiative will work with civil society and private sector partners on four lines of action: Mobilize communication campaigns on risks and community engagement in mitigation and protection measures to address COVID-19 and empower vulnerable communities and / or isolated to protect against exposure and transmission of COVID-19; Promote measures to prevent and control infections by COVID-19 in health facilities and communities; Support the local health system (hospitals, health posts and community health units / services) to respond and control COVID-19 through health and surveillance services; Support entrepreneurs, small social impact businesses and startups, producer groups and cooperatives with small financial contributions, business advisory services and access to low interest loans or microcredit.