Nossa Floresta Nossa Casa promotes exchange to add knowledge about açaí

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the agroindustry Dallan Acai de Burutis/RO was established in 2011 on the initiative of businessman Pedro Ozéias Maifrede, an entrepreneur with great vision without fear of new challenges. Pedro opened the doors of his agribusiness and received indigenous people from the Aikanã Kwazá and Arara people to share his vast experience in the production, processing and marketing of açaí with the support and coordination of Forest Trends Communities and Territorial Governance Initiative for the project Nossa Floresta, Nossa Casa – Mosaico Tupi.

Among the activities, it was possible to visit all stages and structures of the agribusiness, enabling the understanding of the processes in accordance with sanitary standards. On an experimental basis, 6 cans of açaí from the Aikanã Kwazá people, who are in the harvest period, were processed. This practical experience provided subsidies for precise guidelines for improving the product, such as the correct maturation point for collection, which influences the pulp's yield. 

A visit was also made to the Dallan Açaí farm, which has 40,000 açaí plants from Pará that are used to supply the agro-industry. This moment provided a greater understanding of the cultivation of açaí, and all management techniques. The species is at the time of harvest, so it was also possible for the indigenous people to witness the mechanized collection of the fruits. 

The exchange resulted in a series of exchanges of experiences between the two indigenous peoples present and the agro-industry owner, aroused much interest in the two economic initiatives, expanding their knowledge and that of their communities, in addition to strengthening productive capacities and promoting connections with markets.

About the Nossa Floresta Nossa Casa project

Nossa Floresta Nossa Casa is a strategic partnership between USAID and PPA, implemented by Forest Trends' Communities and Territorial Governance Initiative (ICGT-FT) with support from Greendata. The project works with organizations and economic initiatives from 8 Indigenous Lands (TIs) in the Brazilian Amazon, in the states of Rondônia and Mato Grosso, namely: Igarapé Lourdes, Kwazá do Rio São Pedro, Rio Branco, Rio Mequéns, Roosevelt, Sete de September, Tubarão Latundê and Zoró.