On the 29th and 30th of November, the PPA team was present in Manaus, capital of the state of Amazonas, for the 2nd Festival of Impact Investments and Sustainable Business in the Amazon (FIINSA), promoted by Idesam and Impact HUB Manaus. The event provided integration and exchanges between entrepreneurs, investors, civil society organizations and other actors that are part of the impact ecosystem in the region. Among the different activities, highlights include panels and debates on the main paths, opportunities and challenges for the development of the sector with an impact on the Amazon, the bioeconomy and the future of the largest tropical forest on the planet.

Augusto Corrêa, Executive Secretary of the PPA, on the panel “Enhancers of the impact ecosystem: the role of intermediaries”.

The 2nd FIINSA program was organized into five thematic tracks: Structuring the ecosystem; Financing and access to capital; Research, Development and Innovation (R&DI); Communities and Entrepreneurship Challenges. Within the track “Structuring the ecosystem”, the Executive Secretary of the PPA, Augusto Corrêa, was part of the panel table together with Marco Van der Ree (Instituto Conexsus), Janice Maciel (Fundação CERTI) and Alexandre Mori (Floresta Hub), in the dialogue entitled “Enhancers of the impact ecosystem: the role of intermediaries”. 

Marco Van der Ree (Conexsus Institute), Juliana Teles (Impact Hub), Augusto Corrêa (PPA), Janice Maciel (CERTI Foundation) and Alexandre Mori (Floresta Hub).

In the panel, the PPA exposed some important data extracted from the Mapping Paths to the Amazon, which was also highlighted in the physical exhibition of the place. “This issue of dynamic organizations in the Amazon is something very recent, it is an ecosystem that is being built. Organizations are a little over two years old. So, several of the challenges we face are due to lack of experience, maturity and experience”, quotes Augusto Corrêa about the difficulties pointed out in the region's ecosystem. And he adds: “There is a need for these organizations to dialogue, to talk to each other and share challenges. Despite the competition and dispute for the resource, sometimes cooperation and knowing how each one can better do their role, being complementary in this way. And we ended up talking about the role of funders, about how they are able to see bridges and synergies more, in addition to establishing their points of dialogue between the various facilitators, just as the PPA already does”. 

Augusto Corrêa, PPA Executive Secretary, and Juliana Simionato, Project Coordinator and focal point for the Impact Business Strengthening portfolio.

For PPA's Project Coordinator, Juliana Simionato, the event was an important space for establishing dialogues, exchanges and understandings, contributing to various local institutions thinking and elaborating questions regarding the ecosystem. “The program, elaborated considering a series of panels and workshops, brought some necessary insights into current and important themes such as: challenges and advances in strengthening the bioeconomy, new forms of investment, access to markets, impact and generation of local income. The event was also attended by relevant and diverse actors, including community organizations and startups, investors and drivers of the impact ecosystem.” told the Coordinator. 


For more information about the 2nd FIINSA, visit: fiinsa.org.br