Program will invest up to R$ 700 thousand in Amazon businesses selected for pre-acceleration journey

In addition to having their operations concentrated in the Amazon region, those covered by the Impact Lab are businesses dedicated to generating potential and positive socio-environmental impact in the Legal Amazon

Amazon Businesses, operating in the region and with proposals dedicated to its sustainable development. This is how the 14 selected for the entrepreneurial journey of Impact Lab, a pre-acceleration program which, in its first edition, will have a total investment of R$ 700 thousand. Each participating business will be able to receive incentives ranging from R$ 30 thousand to R$ 100 thousand, depending on their needs and at different stages of the journey. 

The 117 registered in the Impact Lab notice went through three stages of evaluation, carried out by a technical team from Impact Hub Manaus, responsible for implementing the program, as well as representatives from partner institutions and eight professionals in different states of the Legal Amazon. There were more than 50 interviews carried out and 21 field visits to learn about the business, with the focus on evaluating criteria such as maturity, objectives, business model, operation, real business needs, possible doubts and points of attention. “Throughout this process, we looked for businesses that the Impact Lab structure could further enhance their operations, through consultancy, exchanges and investments to accelerate the growth and market gain of these businesses”, explains Marcus Bessa, Co-founder of Impact Hub Manaus. 

The 14 selected businesses arem different stages, but all in the early stages. About 50% of them are currently in the MVP phase (Minimum Viable Product), while the other 50% are in the Pilot phase (Developed prototype, in market testing phase). They all have operations dedicated to the social and/or environmental impact of the Amazon and work in different areas, such as fish farming, biojewelry, marketing of exclusively Amazonian products, the first sector with guaraná production, cocoa production, among other ventures. “The program’s commitment to diversity and representation, valuing the region’s wealth and supporting local producers involved in this important biome, is different among programs dedicated to boosting business, especially at this important stage of starting a business” , highlights Juliana Simionato, Project Manager at Plataforma Parceiros pela Amazônia (PPA), strategic partner of the program. 

In total, the Impact Lab selected six of the Amazonas businesses; three from Pará; two from Amapá, one from Tocantins and one from Rondônia, among projects located in the capitals and in the interior municipalities. In addition to the entrepreneurial journey dedicated to the maturation of business proposals, carried out through training and mentoring, those selected will receive, individually,  incentives between R$30 thousand and R$100 thousand for the development of your proposals. The values were established based on technical criteria established in the notice. 


Businesses from the Legal Amazon are registered

The Impact Lab is a program dedicated exclusively to businesses located in the Brazilian Amazon states. In total, in this edition, the program received 117 applicants in the first phase. The entire process, from registration to the journey, is free.  

Running by Impact Hub Manaus, the first edition of the Impact Lab aims to strategic partners the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Bemol Online, Singulari Consultoria, Plataforma Parceiros pela Amazônia (PPA), in addition to the institutional partner Aliança Bioversity and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT). More information by email and on Instagram @impacthubmanaus and @parceirosamazonia.


Impact Lab Program 

Businesses selected in 2023

Business Location

  1. Sustainable Fertilizer       Paragominas/Pará
  2. Sapopema Crafts       Iranduba/Amazonas
  3. Derequine Atelier       Manaus, Amazonas
  4. Yawá Atelier                   Tarauacá /Acre
  5. Bactolac                   Macapá/Amapá
  6. Cacauare                   Mocajuba /For
  7. Jackfruit Meat                   Palmas/Tocantins
  8. Jambu Flower                   Belém/Pará
  9. LabAQUA-i Manaus/Amazonas
  10. Mawe                                 Maués/Amazonas
  11. Paiter A Soe Museum         Cacoal/Rondônia
  12. Taberna da Amazônia Manaus/Amazonas
  13. Vitrum                                 Macapá/Amapá
  14. Yanciã                                 Manaus, Amazonas