New 'governance structure of PPA is validated' by its Deliberative Council

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Yesterday, September 28, 2021, the second meeting of 2021 of the Deliberative Council of the Parceiros pela Amazônia (PPA) Deliberative Council took place. At the time, the board members of the member companies validated the new governance structure proposed by the Platform's Executive Secretariat and by the consultancy REACH, specializing in corporate governance processes.

The new structure has as its central objective to ensure engagement, participation and ownership of the private sector in relation to the Platform. Leaders from the institutions Ambev, Bemol, Beraca, Cargill, Fundo Vale, Hydro, Instituto Humanize and USAID Brasil were present in the discussion forum, in addition to the facilitating organization of PPA, Aliança Bioversity/CIAT, and the consultancy REACH itself.

The opening of the meeting was in charge of Augusto Corrêa, Executive Secretary of the Platform, who then led the meeting and presented the main results of the projects under PPA's supervision to the board members, with emphasis on the Impact Business Strengthening Projects , Thematic Groups and the communication actions developed in recent months by the initiative.

The forum allowed the board members to hold strategic discussions regarding the governance of the PPA, as well as the implementation strategy of its Acceleration Thesis, developed with the support of the Quintess, which consolidates the Platform's value proposition and adds value to the impact ecosystem of the Amazon. The document will be widely disseminated during the next PPA institutional campaign, which will be launched between October and November this year.

“I would like to congratulate and also acknowledge the great space of today, in which we are talking about a new governance. It is a very interesting and important chapter for the future of PPA. Congratulations to everyone, I really enjoyed the conversation and the exchange”.

Catherine Hamlin, Director of the USAID Brazil Environment Office, founding member of the Platform.

PPA reinforces the importance of contributions from all companies participating in the Board and continues to work to accommodate the different desires and needs of its members. The next meeting of this instance is already scheduled and will deal with the formalization of the Platform's membership proposal, its formalization and its action strategies for 2022.