Partnership between Aliança Guaraná de Maués and ManejeBem creates guarana traceability system and monitoring of farmers in the region

Since 2017, a partnership between USAID, Ambev, Aliança Bioversity/CIAT, PPA and Idesam has consolidated the work of Aliança Guaraná de Maués (AGM), which was born as a proposal by Ambev to form a collective of people, organizations and public authorities in the municipality with the objective of realizing the “Maués of dreams”. The initiative seeks not only the cultural appreciation of the region, but also the improvement in the quality of life of the Mauesense population, interacting and building together with the various local actors.

The traceability of guarana helps the company to meet its sustainability goals. With the data generated, it is possible to obtain various information, such as the distribution of organizations served in the territory, the location of the guarana producing properties, information on production and compliance with environmental legislation. Through AGM, ManejeBem was hired to assist in the creation of a traceability system and technical assistance for guarana in Maués. 

Startup ManejeBem specializes in developing ESG projects, in which agronomic, social and environmental improvements are achieved through Agricultural Technical Assistance via the ManejeChat app or phone. In parallel, the collection and structured analysis of agro-socio-environmental data is carried out, which generates a monitoring dashboard, fundamental for the planning of strategic actions. In the Aliança Guaraná Maués initiative, 35 indicators are monitored.

In the project pilot, which promotes technological inclusion, 23 farmers are monitored daily, which has already resulted in 548 technical assistance provided, corresponding to 1,484 hours of agricultural technical assistance. In addition, training on financial management and cooperativism was made available in the form of a DVD, field notebooks were delivered and technical content involving sustainable management and practices, in accessible language, was shared in the form of text and audio, being available on the application's wall. The themes of some of these contents are: Alternative management of pests and diseases (anthracnose, bed bugs, super-sprouting, capimgrass control) and tips for the production and application of biofertilizers.

Many improvements have already been achieved, such as greater usability of the ManejeChat application through integration with WhatsApp (greater accessibility), and the creation of tags for the content wall, which can now be shared inbox. Many innovations will come in the next year, including the follow-up of the field notebook, the implementation of the Sustainability Barometer and gamification to optimize technical assistance and train producers through the knowledge trail..

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