Research shows high confidence of the PPA network in the potential of the initiative

Perception analysis indicates that 80% of the organizations interviewed believe that the PPA has positively impacted their businesses or initiatives in the Amazon and 93% considers that their management generates trust in the Platform.


The second article in the PPA Social Network Analysis series focuses on the analysis of partners' perceptions of the network. Perception analysis is carried out through interviews with survey participants, according to a baseline questionnaire set up in 2019.

The 2020 results showed that the PPA network is confident in the Platform's potential and in its ability to have positive impacts for the Amazon. Changes in governance and organization caused a change in the levels of knowledge about the Platform, but the answers about the interests of the members remained consistent.

Despite the change in the profile of the organizations interviewed, 45% of the participants believe that the PPA has a high or very high capacity to mobilize new sources of financing for sustainable development and 51% believes that the Platform can catalyze the performance of companies for the benefit of sustainability.

Another important result is that the main interests of the PPA members also remained constant: entrepreneurship and acceleration in the Amazon. This was one of the focuses of the Platform's operations in 2021, with the development of the Acceleration Thesis and the inclusion of initiatives such as the 100+ Accelerator and the Forest Incubator in the PPA portfolio.

“Even though the survey is for 2020, it shows that we are on the right track to deliver the value proposition that our members have determined,” commented Augusto Corrêa, Executive Secretary of the PPA. "All the investment we've made in building the Acceleration Thesis will be essential to guide our work for years to come, and we hope that the new round of social media analysis will reflect these results."


The analysis of social networks

Since the creation of the Parceiros pela Amazônia (PPA) Platform, two of the founding partners (USAID and the Bioversity/CIAT Alliance) have proposed a robust monitoring and evaluation program as part of the platform's scope of action. The objective was not only to understand the impact of the private sector on biodiversity conservation, but also to map the growth and changes in the network of organizations that relate to the PPA.

Social Network Analysis (ARS) is a methodology that uses a set of techniques to quantify and qualify the relationships between actors that interact in a network. This tool fits in very well with the objective of monitoring the development of relationships within the PPA. Then, the methodology was used to assess the health and impact of engagement and performance networks of private sector initiatives – as well as to generate an understanding of how they are formed, evolve and how they catalyze their strengthening.

To date, two applications of social network analysis have been carried out on the PPA, the first in 2019 and the second in early 2021. Starting in December, the PPA begins to disseminate the results of this second round to its members and partners. Even with the pandemic, the team of the program Catalisar e Aprender de Engajamento com o Setor Privado (CAL-PSE), responsible for the research, managed to interview 74 people from different PPA groups, including members, supported startups and others.


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