Giants pitch: Aceleradora 100+ startups present themselves to Ambev, Google and Unilever

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The third phase of the selection program for the 100+ Accelerator, created by Ambev, a beverage manufacturer, and co-produced by PPA with the support of Quintessa in this edition. It was a long-awaited stage: the entrepreneurs selected in the first two phases were face to face with company executives to present their ideas.

Created in 2018, the program gained some reinforcements this year. In addition to Ambev, PPA and Quintessa, they participated in the pitch day the companies DSM, Google, Natura, Pepsico and Unilever. Executives from these multinationals also analyzed the business and, in the end, will choose 20 startups for the step of intensive learning, when entrepreneurs immerse themselves in Ambev's management and meet with market specialists and investment funds.

"There are several benefits for participating startups, such as the possibility of carrying out a pilot project with Ambev, internationalization, through the Global 100+ Accelerator, which is the international version of the program, in addition to the possibility of becoming a supplier, investments, visibility and connection with the ecosystem”, says Carolina Pecorari, director of sustainability at Ambev.

Acceleration program seeks sustainable solutions

The startup acceleration program has 39 accelerated. Ambev invested around 12 million reais in the project. Applicants must present solutions to specific challenges linked to ESG: water management, sustainable agriculture, climate change and circular packaging.

This month, Ambev invested in the seed fundraising round of a startup that participated in the program in 2020, growPack, which produces packaging with biological material. A pilot project by the company will launch in October this year new packaging made with biomaterial at points of sale in São Paulo. The idea is to validate the packaging with consumers for full-scale production as early as 2022.

THE Ambev publicly assumed goals sustainable for 2025, how to have 100% of returnable packaging or made mostly of recycled content and reduce plastic pollution.

The production of packaging with the biomaterial consumes 80% less water, reduces carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 50% and saves 25% of electricity compared to paperboard. In 2020, Ambev reached 45% of recycled content in PET packaging, 47% in glass packaging and 74% in aluminum cans in Brazil.

Source: Exame Invest.