PPA and partners hold Covid-19 response program event in the Amazon

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Last Thursday (10), the Partners for the Amazon Platform (PPA) held the PPA Solidarity Implementers Meeting, an initiative that engages the private sector in strategic partnerships to leverage innovative and scalable solutions to strengthen rapid response to emergencies and fights COVID-19 in the Amazon. The program is a partnership between USAID, NPI Expand, PPA and SITAWI Finanças do Bem.

With the participation of representatives of the USAID Brazil, PPA, NPI Expand, Public Agenda, Beraca Institute, Sustainable Juruti Institute (IJUS), Fundação Vale and Rede Asta, the event presented success stories and partial results of the program, in addition to promoting the exchange of experiences between implementers and network participants.

The meeting was opened by Catherine Hamlin, Director of Environment at USAID Brazil, and Augusto Corrêa, Executive Secretary of PPA.

“In extremely challenging times, we are working to help as many people as possible living in the most vulnerable communities in the Amazon region,” said Catherine.

Mariana Calêncio (Public Agenda Institutional Relations Coordinator) presented the organization's work, focusing on the initiative's first operating pillar. In his speech, he detailed the challenges and lessons learned from the construction of a multimedia communication campaign on the prevention and fight against the coronavirus in Calha Norte in Pará. 

Then, the pillar on virus infection control and prevention actions was deepened by Ana Carolina Vieira, Executive Director of Instituto Beraca, who presented the lessons learned by the Institute in its work in agro-extractivist communities and territories in the Amazon.

Bárbara Espínola de Almeida (Executive Secretary of the Sustainable Juruti Institute – IJUS), on the other hand, guided her speech based on the possible legacies from the multisectoral articulation and the strengthening of the capacity to respond to COVID-19 of the health system in the municipality of Juruti, in the state of Pará.

Finally, Fernanda Fingerl (Social Innovation Manager at Fundação Vale) and Rita Mendes (Project Manager at Rede Asta) presented the results and lessons learned from the Máscara+Renda experience, which fostered entrepreneurship among women impacted by the economic crisis resulting from the pandemic.

The National Technical Advisor for NPI EXPAND and PPA Solidariedade, Nina Best, spoke at the end of the event, in which she systematized the lessons learned by the implementers in each of the program's operating fronts. “We need to highlight the value of this type of engagement and mobilization.

The private sector, which operates locally with production chains in the Amazon territory, was willing to participate in the initiative, joining efforts and strategically contributing with resources and investments”, he pointed out. 

The event is available on the Partners for the Amazon (PPA) YouTube channel and can be watched in full below:

The first cycle of the program will end in September this year and another online event to celebrate the initiative is planned. To find out more, just follow the digital channels of the Parceiros pela Amazônia (PPA) platform.