COVID-19 has affected all aspects of our lives. In the Amazon, it was no different. Therefore, USAID, NPI Expand, the Partners for the Amazon Platform (PPA) and SITAWI Finanças do Bem have teamed up to create a partnership to help combat COVID-19 in the region.

The “PPA Solidarity: Response to COVID-19 in the Amazon is an initiative that engages the private sector in strategic partnerships to leverage innovative and scalable solutions to strengthen the rapid response to emergencies and combating COVID-19.

Partners from the private sector and civil society came together to coordinate this response, leveraging approximately R$18.2 million reais, which joins the R$10.6 million invested by USAID through NPI Expand. Know the projects supported below.

R$28.8 million

in co-investments

+ 16MIL

benefited families

+ 250MIL

people receiving information about COVID-19

+ 700MIL

masks will be distributed

Institutional Partners

Private Sector Partners

Implementing Partners

Instituto Peabiru