Project Juruti Against Covid-19 makes new donations of PPE to the Municipal Health Secretariat of Juruti

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In order to give better support to the frontline teams in the fight against Covid-19, in the last week another donation of personal protective equipment (PPE) was made to the Municipal Health Secretariat of Juruti. 

There are more than R$ 65 thousand reais in PPE that will benefit the professionals of the Basic Health Units (UBS) and the Juruti Municipal Hospital.

The action is part of the Juruti Against Covid-19 Project, coordinated by the Sustainable Juruti Institute (IJUS), with the support of partners, Instituto Alcoa, Alcoa Foundation, USAID, NPI Expand through Palladium, Platform Partners for the Amazon (PPA) , SITAWI Finances for Good and Cooperative of Family Farming in Juruti (Cooafajur). The resource came in part from an emergency contribution released by USAID to support partners due to the worsening of the pandemic.

The Municipal Secretary of Health, Adaias Ramos Batista Neto, affirmed that “these equipments are of paramount importance at this moment in which we are facing. This type of action is very important. We know that IJUS is doing other actions, such as donating basic food baskets. These PPE will be used to protect healthcare professionals who are at the forefront of Covid-19 combat. Here is our thanks to IJUS and the partners of the Juruti Contra Covid-19 project ” 

The health area is an important part of the project, which has been working to combat the effects of the pandemic in Juruti since September 2020. In addition to this donation, health has already received: 

  • Training of 220 popular health agents;
  • Expansion of 32 beds at Hospital 09 de Abril (in partnership with Alcoa Foundation);
  • R$ 150 thousand in materials and equipment in support of local public health;
  • 11,400 Alcohol gel prevention kits, masks and newsletters;
  • Risk Communication activities, radio guidance, car stereo, boat sound and social media, guiding you how to protect yourself from the Coronavirus. 

“With today's action, the Instituto Juruti Sustentável comes to reaffirm even more its voluntary actions in the fight against the pandemic and to reaffirm to the local public bodies that we are not measuring efforts to contribute with them and everyone locally. Our teams and operations are sparing no efforts, understanding the seriousness of the moment, we will continue to try to overcome this difficult moment for our population ”said Gilza Amaral, Vice President of the Sustainable Juruti Institute and representing the Secretariat for Budget and Finance Planning. 

“We are very happy that these additional resources were used so quickly to support the most vulnerable in the Amazon region. These life-saving devices will keep healthcare professionals safe during this critical period, ”said Ted Gehr, director of USAID Brazil.

For Augusto Corrêa, Executive Secretary of PPA, the PPA Solidarity program has been an important example of mobilization in response to the second wave of Covid-19 in the territories of the Amazon. "Due to the proactivity of our implementing and co-investing partners, we are strengthening the communication of preventive measures, supporting the health system and helping Amazonian communities to remain safe during this new phase of the pandemic," he said.   

About IJUS

The Sustainable Juruti Institute (IJUS) is the first civil organization certified as OSCIP (Civil Society Organization of Public Interest) in the municipality of Juruti-PA.

IJUS is a permanent public space for dialogue, debate and collective action between its members and society in general, which aims to contribute to the sustainable development of Juruti and its surroundings. The Institute's scope is also to financially support actions, projects and programs, reimbursable or non-reimbursable that integrate social, human, economic and environmental aspects, through the Sustainable Juruti Fund-FUNJUS.

About the Alcoa Institute

Founded in 1990, in Brazil, the Alcoa Institute is a non-profit organization, whose purpose is to collectively transform the territories in which Alcoa is present - Poços de Caldas (MG), São Luís (MA) and Juruti (PA) - in order to make them more inclusive and less unequal.

To this end, the Alcoa Institute promotes initiatives in education and the generation of work and income, structuring causes for the development of a more just society, in addition to encouraging social participation and dialogue around causes as a means of mobilization for engagement. Its performance is linked to public policies and agendas of global interests, such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

About PPA Solidarity

USAID, NPI Expand, the Partners for the Amazon Platform (PPA) and SITAWI Finanças do Bem have teamed up to create a partnership to help combat Covid-19 in Brazil. The “PPA Solidarity: Response to Covid-19 in the Amazon” is an initiative that engages the private sector in strategic partnerships to leverage innovative and scalable solutions to strengthen the rapid response to emergencies and combating Covid-19. 

The initiative works with partners from civil society and the private sector in four lines of action: Mobilize communication campaigns on risks and community engagement in mitigation and protection measures to face Covid-19 and empower vulnerable communities and / or isolated to protect against exposure and transmission of the virus; Promote infection prevention and control measures in health facilities and communities; Support the local health system (hospitals, health posts and community health units / services) to respond and control Covid-19 through health and surveillance services; Support entrepreneurs, small social impact businesses and startups, producer groups and cooperatives with small financial contributions, business advisory services and access to low interest loans or microcredit.