PPA Executive Secretariat participates in strategic planning of Aliança Guaraná de Maués

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Between September 23 and 25, the PPA Executive Secretariat team was in the city of Maués, in Amazonas, to participate in the development of the Theory of Change of the Guaraná de Maués Alliance (AGM). The event brought together about 20 people, including local, community leaders and other residents and representatives of AMBEV and IFAM, involved in the project, following biosafety rules, such as wearing a mask and constant hand cleaning.

AGM is an initiative of AMBEV, supported by PPA and USAID, which aims to improve the quality of life of the population of Maués and strengthen the guaraná value chain. The project has working groups that operate in different areas, such as sustainable production, tourism, education and socio-cultural promotion.

The purpose of the meeting was to continue the process of strategic planning of AGM, through the elaboration of a Theory of Change, a methodology that allows to map the paths of a project to effectively have a positive socio-environmental impact, from the definition of the problems that are wanted solve.

In addition, the visit to Maués represents the first in a series of interactions between the Executive Secretariat of the PPA and the various projects supported by the initiative. The idea is to create an environment of greater proximity to local actors, in order to establish an efficient method of monitoring and measuring indicators of socio-environmental impact.

“It was very important to come to Maués to be able to talk directly with all the actors, to know the impact of the project and to be able to contribute to the strategic planning of the initiative for the coming years”, said Augusto Corrêa, Executive Secretary of PPA.

“For me, participating in this process is very important as Sateré Mawé leadership. Participate in this construction of ideas that will help us improve what we aim for together for the future. I'm sure that I will leave with new perspectives to improve the quality of life of my community and our people ”, said Josibias Alencar, resident of the Michiles island community and indigenous leadership of the Sateré Mawé people.

”The intention is that the construction of the theory of change will strengthen the collaborative management of the project and boost its impacts over time. "AGM comes with a proposal to give more sustainability to the culture of guarana in Maués, through the connection between people, discussions, and to formulate proposals that help in this context", explained Miriam Frota, agronomic manager at AMBEV. “AMBEV has a very strong connection with Maués, with guaraná, so we have an important role in this chain development. It is to maintain this in a strengthened way through actions such as training, the connection between these producers, that they are empowered and also financially supported to continue with the guaraná chain, having an important role in the development of people, of the community ”.

The process is being conducted by a specialized consultancy from TEWÁ, with support from IDESAM, which implements the project. After a period of analysis, the theory of change will be presented again to the Maués community for validation and discussion of the next steps.