PPA is a collective action platform led by the private sector that seeks to foster sustainable development solutions for the Amazon, generating opportunities for the 25 million inhabitants of the Amazon. Through its Thematic Groups (GTs), the Platform leverages social and environmental investments, fosters the development of transformative partnerships, shares best practices and creates a collaborative environment for the development of joint solutions to Amazonian challenges. Our network already has more than 40 large, medium and small companies, civil society organizations and international partners that share our goals.



This working group seeks to support local entrepreneurs and innovative businesses through impact investing and business environment development initiatives, as well as the acceleration and incubation of Amazon startups. It is responsible for the PPA Acceleration and Investment Program, and for the Collective Loan Platform.


This working group fosters opportunities for strategic investment in startups and local companies, and supports the creation of innovative and creative arrangements for connecting and integrating large companies' production chains.


This working group develops local value chains, stimulating the procurement of local products and services by the private sector operating in the region.



This working group promotes dialogue and cooperation among local government, communities and the private sector in actions related to land planning, management, and development.


USAID starts co-designing the PPA, together with 13 companies operating in the Amazon, and strategic partners such as IDESAM and CIAT.
PPA launch in Manaus, with its 15 initial members.
First Amazon Impact Investing and Sustainable Business Forum (FIINSA, in the Portuguese acronym), and launch of the PPA Acceleration and Investment Program. PPA expands with 14 additional members.
PPA expands in Pará, with the inclusion of more companies from that state, totaling 37 at the end of the year.
Launch of the Collective Loan Platform. Adaptation of programs to respond to COVID-19 and creation of the PPA Solidarity to help tackle the crisis.
Inauguration of the first Deliberative Council, formed by 15 business leaders and US Ambassador Todd Chapman.


The Amazon is important for our whole planet. It influences global environmental balance, concentrates one fifth of the world's fresh water, and is one of the most biodiverse regions of all, with 20% of all animal species on Earth. Much of this wealth is in Brazil. The Legal Amazon covers 60% of the Brazilian territory, but only contributes with about 8% to the country's gross domestic product. With more than 25 million inhabitants, the region is under pressure from predatory and illegal economic activities that threaten the largest tropical forest in the world. It is necessary to create viable economic alternatives to improve the quality of life of Amazon peoples, while protecting forest biodiversity and natural resources. The Partnership Platform for the Amazon believes that it is possible to combine these two objectives and create new economic models for the region. We understand the challenges we face, in particular the lack of infrastructure, associated with the sheer size of the region. We are also aware of the opportunities offered by the Amazon: its great potential, the diversity of its people, and the power of the forest. When indigenous, quilombola, riverine, and urban populations share the same territory, it is vital to promote mutual understanding and dialogue. The PPA provides a collaborative space for companies, organized civil society and other partners to find solutions to those challenges, while valuing and developing the opportunities. The private sector has played a key role in developing new ideas and new partnerships to co-create and co-invest in solutions, and it is an essential actor for unlocking sustainable development in the region. We believe in private businesses’ ability to innovate and catalyze positive change in the Amazon. Together, we can create new realities that protect forest biodiversity and natural resources, and thus bring development and prosperity to Amazon communities.


The PPA is coordinated by the Executive Secretariat, under the guidance of the Deliberative Council and in contact with Thematic Groups (WGs). Each WG also has a committee led by member companies that organizes its activities.

Executive Secretariat

The PPA Executive Secretariat is the body responsible for coordinating its program management, as well as monitoring and evaluating projects supported by the PPA. In addition, it represents the PPA in its contacts with other organizations, implementing the PPA strategy together with the PPA Fund Manager.

Deliberative Council

It is the PPA body responsible for the strategic transversal guidelines of the PPA and for the supervision of its implementing bodies: the Executive Secretariat and the PPA Fund Manager. It is formed by representatives of the top management of private sector organizations with an interest in working collaboratively for sustainable solutions for the Amazon.

PPA Fund Manager

The PPA Fund Manager manages the financial resources mobilized through the PPA.