Terms of Reference for Contracting Voices for Climate Action Program Proposals

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about the program

The program "Voices for Climate Action" (VAC) operates in seven countries in the Global South. And the organizations that make up the VAC Alliance in Brazil – Fundación Avina, Hivos, SSN and WWF-Brasil – are promoting selection processes. proposals for hiring Coalitions of organizations working in the Legal Amazon.  

Proposals must influence and co-create solutions and opportunities to protect and expand civic space, engaging in an inclusive dialogue that builds mutual trust and accelerates a just climate transition, including above all women and youth. 

Although each organization discloses its Terms of Reference (TR) separately, in the selection of proposals, the organizations of the VAC Alliance in Brazil will take into account the complementarity between them and their integration in the general theory of change of the Program.  

program objective

The strategic objective of this Program is to contribute so that the various groups and sectors of local civil society have assumed a central role as innovators, facilitators and advocates of climate solutions. This program is about climate justice, that is, climate change is not just an environmental problem to be addressed, but also a social challenge with ethical and human rights aspects. 

Selection process

The selection process comprises two phases: 

1st Phase: Submission of Simplified Proposals (deadline: July 11, 2021). Simplified Proposals selected in the 1st phase must submit full proposals in the 2nd phase.  

2nd Phase: Submission of the Complete Proposal (deadline: September 19, 2021). More details will be shared shortly. 

hiring profile

The action proposals must be formed by partnerships between social actors, legally constituted or not, who work in the Legal Amazon. For the purposes of this call, under the Voices for Climate Action Program, this potential arrangement is being called “Coalition”. 

In the Coalition proposal they can participate as proposing entity private non-profit legal entities such as associations; cooperatives; foundations. 

Coalitions may be part of other organizations, not formally constituted, such as councils; rural family school; associations; pastorals; networks; collectives; base moves.

application procedure

Submit your application as a single PDF document to vac-brasil@avina.net on the dates indicated. 

More information here