Tupi Guaporé as new territory Origins Brazil

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THE Origins Brazil it is a collaborative network between companies, support institutions, traditional populations and indigenous peoples. Its objective is to promote sustainable business in protected areas in the Amazon (Conservation Units and Indigenous Lands), guaranteeing the origin, transparency and traceability of the production chain, thus promoting ethical relationships that value the populations and their territories. This experience was born in the Xingu Territory, and expanded to the Calha Norte, Rio Negro and Solimões Territories. From 2021 onwards, a new territory is part of this network: Tupi Guaporé. 

 The new territory emerged from the articulation with Imaflora, administrator of Origens Brasil, carried out by the Communities and Territorial Governance Initiative of Forest Trends and two other local support organizations, Pacto das Águas and Kanindé. The area includes a large mosaic of interconnected protected areas, involving the Binational Ecological Corridor Itenez-Mamoré-Guaporé, the Tupi Mondé Ethnoenvironmental Corridor and the Tupi Kwahiva, with the formation of ecological corridors that provide various ecosystem services, promoted by a vast diversity of peoples. 

The region in which the territory is located is between the states of Rondônia and Mato Grosso, with protected areas totaling more than 4 million hectares, and including 14 indigenous lands and 28 conservation units. 

The arrival of Origens Brasil in the territory represents a great opportunity, and strengthens important aspects of the project “Our Forest, Our Home – Tupi Mosaic”, which seeks, in one of its components, as one of the pillars of indigenous territorial economic governance, the connection with markets that value their production, with the construction of solid and lasting relationships. Network governance, with the leading role of local organizations, will be an important tool for strengthening and valuing indigenous peoples and traditional communities, who currently suffer from various threats and pressures within their territories, such as illegal logging and mining, invasion by farmers, construction of large projects, among other various problems that affect their way of life. 

To learn more about Origins Brazil, visit: https://www.origensbrasil.org.br/

About the project “Nossa Floresta, Nossa Casa – Tupi Mosaic”

The initiative Forest Trends Communities and Territorial Governance (ICGT-FT) with the support of the Greendata – Center for Socioeconomic and Environmental Management and Innovation as an implementing management partner, it is one of the implementers of Partnership for the Conservation of Biodiversity in the Amazon (PCAB) gives United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and in partnership with the Partners for the Amazon Platform (PPA) develops the project “Nossa Floresta, Nossa Casa – Mosaico Tupi” with 8 Indigenous Lands (TIs) in the Brazilian Amazon, in the states of Rondônia and Mato Grosso and with more than 21 indigenous peoples. 

The project aims to strengthen indigenous economic initiatives and the economic governance of ILs. This objective is thought through the structuring of the value chains of Brazil nuts, cocoa, açaí and handicraft as a priority, training in territorial economic governance so that good conditions for market access are created, and articulation with commercial partnerships based on on the principles of fair and ethical trade, thus ensuring solid and lasting relationships.