The report presents the main results of Mosaico Diverso, PPA's first institutional campaign, which took place from April to June 2021 on the Platform's digital channels. The campaign debated the role of the private sector in conserving the Amazon's socio-biodiversity. In addition to giving visibility to good business practices and disseminating relevant data on Amazonian value chains, Mosaico Diverso promoted dialogues and exchanges of experiences between business leaders and actors who are making a difference at the cutting edge.


The purpose of this publication is to present the results of the work developed and initiatives supported by the Partners Platform by Amazonia (PPA), as well as its form of action, governance and team.

The contents contained in this document are related to the period from January to December 2020 and its dissemination strengthens the practice of Platform transparency. It is intended to demonstrate, with the dissemination of the programs and projects listed here, the importance of PPA for the sustainable development and the conservation of Amazonian biodiversity, the from private sector engagement.


In its second year, the Parnership Platform for the Amazon (PPA) keeps presenting significative results. The PPA was essential in the development of the Althelia Biodiversity Fund (ABF) an investment impact fund which will focus in the Amazon. Besides that, 15 new impact businesses were select to the PPA Acceleration Program new cycle. The PPA also welcomed 12 new companies, totaling 39 organizations in the Platform.

This report shows the main results of the Platform, demonstrating private sector leadership.

Annual Report 2018

The Partnership Platform for the Amazon (PPA) recently released its 2018 annual report, demonstrating tangible results, in both English and Portuguese . The PPA is a private-sector led platform made up of companies and institutions that are seeking innovative joint solutions for conservation and sustainable development in the Amazon. USAID supports the PPA, under the PCAB, and is proud to be a strategic partner to such a fast-growing and impact oriented alliance.