Live da PPA debates investments in the cassava production chain and its different uses

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Last Wednesday (26), the Partners for the Amazon Platform (PPA) held a live about cassava within the “Campo em Debate”, one of the frames of its first institutional campaign, the Various Mosaic.

Mediated by Fábio Deboni, Eduardo Figueiredo (Executive Director of the Hydro Sustainability Fund – FSH) and Joanna Martins (CEO of Manioca) participated in the meeting. During the live, guests discussed topics such as the different uses of cassava and the recovery of traditional Amazonian dishes, as well as the importance of this food and economic base for the region.

The CEO of Manioca opened the live and, in her presentation, told about her trajectory – from research on Pará gastronomy to the foundation and maturation of the company. It also highlighted the pioneering spirit of its business, which had an impact on the development of tasty, practical and healthy products from Amazonian ingredients, with emphasis on cassava. No less important, he spoke about the relationship with communities and the importance of developing this production chain. “Most of our goods are supplied by traditional producers. We have a program within the company that guides, trains and provides technical assistance to these producers”, he commented.

Eduardo Figueiredo, on the other hand, spoke about Hydro and FSH as relevant institutions for leveraging local businesses, in addition to strengthening chains and protecting biomes such as the Amazon. “Our challenge is to use all human, technical and financial resources to contribute to territorial development. Hydro understood that it is possible to go a step further, seeking not only to listen to partners, but also to sit down with them and develop guidelines related to the vulnerability of a territory, even if not directly linked to us”, he said.

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